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Glass fiber heat resistant sealing material

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AGIS is the United States manufacturing and marketing high temperature gaskets and other sealing products manufacturers. Its products for a variety of global industries, including chemical, oil, food processing, maintenance of equipment, metal, heat treatment, transport, such as ships. The following is a list of peacekeeping fiber glass products made for the reference. 

A plain glass cloth / band 

Closely woven yarn with expanded use of the temperature up to 540 ℃ (1000 ℉). Grade the following: 

1, Senior: heat treatment, surface quality fine. 

Product varieties: 

1) Huang-woven copper mixed: improve tensile strength. 

2) one-sided review of aluminum: Aluminum used for heat-reflective layer. 

3) stainless steel wire woven mixed type: intensity and improve performance. 

Uses: flange sealed and oven door seals, piping and insulation dressings, such as tadpoles with coverage. 

2, business-class: High cloth than the organization more lousy, without heat treatment. 

Uses: flange sealed and oven door seals, piping and insulation, such as bandaging, low-cost requirements for the occasion. 

Second, rubber coated glass cloth / band 

In the tightly woven fiberglass fabric coated with styrene-butadiene rubber and manufactured. The rubber coating was sealed into the surface of defects, formed after curing hermetic seal. Applicable to a temperature not more than 210 ℃ (380 ℉), a pressure of not more than 180 pounds / square inch occasions. Available 1 / 16-inch thick single-layered after rolling to produce almost any thickness and length of the product. Need a higher tensile strength, texture can be mixed yellow copper. 

Third, Vermiculite coated glass cloth / band 

Varicosities in the tightly woven yarn coated glass cloth on the special mixture of vermiculite and made and dyed blue. Temperature up to 980 ℃ (1800 ℉). Vermiculite coating greatly improved the tensile strength of the product and chemical resistance, apply to serious wear and tear and chemical erosion occasions. 

4. FORM belt / vermiculite with coating FORM 

Expanded use fiberglass closely woven into yarn, with a similar structure and plain, but in the central zone without yarn, This facilitates sealing flange bolts inserted upon. Without heat treatment. 

5, with tadpoles 

Shaped like its name from similar tadpoles in the head and a tail. Head for the seals, the tail tied to a fixed, flat surface to seal the site. Have the following varieties: 

1, coated with rubber tadpoles: fiberglass rope as head actually holds the diverter, outsourcing of woven glass cloth, a styrene-butadiene rubber and Zaichu made applicable to boiler doors, and other requirements of hermetic sealing purposes. 

2, sewing tadpoles with: glass fibre or chromium nickel-iron alloy screen for batteries, glass cloth on the outside and slit made. 

6, fiberglass rope 

1, rope twist: glass fiber twist of the necessary cross-section shape of rope, temperature 540 ℃, tolerance most chemicals. 

2, a set of woven rope: glass pendants in the single rope woven fiberglass outside sheathing to improve stability.