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Asbestos free, modified PTFE gasketCHENG GONG
D-LONG 9200
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ASTM F104:F452111-A9B5E11K6M6

PTFE gasket material


DURLON 9200 is filled with PTFE gasket material, designed for caustic chemicals including caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, nitric acid, pulp and paper cooking liquor. DURLON 9200 applies to the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries containing butadiene, hydrofluoric acid, ethylene chloride, methacrylic acid methyl ester and styrene. DURLON 9200 is also widely used in tank cars that require highly corrosive chemicals.

DURLON 9200 is also used in hydrofluoric acid medium medium concentration and medium temperature, or be used for temperature from - 350 ~ F to 520 ~ F (-212 ~ C to 271 C), or the pressure is not higher than 1500 psi (10.3 MPa) under the specified filling PTFE gasket using barium sulfate. I style 9200W (granite white, marked) meets FDA requirements.



1. extremely low initial preload when effective seal is reached

2. better sealing effect in the thermal cycle than the ordinary filling PTFE material

3. can make up for flange surface defects

4. exceptionally strong torque retention capability

5. meets the food and drug administration standards (FDA, USA)

6. excellent gas seal capability

7. extremely durable

8. size model available for maximum standard or test use


The barium sulfate filler and the pure PYFE resin are evenly mixed together so as to obtain the physical and mechanical properties of DURLON 9200. Separate tests have proved that the filler in DURLON 9200 is more evenly dispersed than the filling in a PTFE filled with a layer. As a result, the physical and mechanical properties of DURLON 9200 are more uniform and will not appear to be porous, layered and chemically matched, as in the case of layer filling PTFE. DURLON 9200 is suitable for steel flanges, and does not appear to be related to pure PTFE or sheet PTFE cold flow problems, or to the hardness of other PTFE gasket materials. The DURLON 9200 has excellent tightness, is container cutting, and is easy to remove from the flange after use.

Note: the performance of the ASTM standard is measured according to the plate thickness 1/16 inches, but the ASTM F38 is measured according to the plate thickness 1/32 inches. These properties can only be used as a general reference and cannot be used as the basis for acceptance or rejection. The data shown in this table shall not be valid in the normal range of product performance and shall not be used in accordance with these data, technical regulations, or the use of these data independently as a basis for design.