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Asbestos free, modified PTFE gasketCHENG GONG
D-LONG 8700
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ASTM F104:F712330-A9B5E45K5L153M5

Asbestos free compression gasket material


DURLON 8700 is used to chloroprene rubber (CR) as the adhesive process (e.g. freezing process) of high performance gasket materials. The gasket material is very good for ozone, oil, non aromatic solvents and various refrigerants.


1. is our most suitable wine style HVAC OEM application products

2. it can be tightly sealed in the refrigerant and oil


DURLON 8700 contains high strength aramid fiber and inorganic adhesive, chloroprene rubber for its high quality.

Anti caking property:

All DURLON - based compression pad materials have done a great deal of work in developing adhesive release agents with superior adhesion resistance. All DURLON compression pad materials were successfully tested through the military standard MIL-G-24696B 366oF/48 hrs naval facility anti adhesion test.

Note: the performance of the ASTM standard is measured according to the plate thickness 1/16 inches, but the ASTM F38 is measured according to the plate thickness 1/32 inches. These properties can only be used as a general reference and cannot be used as the basis for acceptance or rejection. The data shown in this table shall not be valid in the normal range of product performance and shall not be used in accordance with these data, technical regulations, or the use of these data independently as a basis for design.