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Asbestos free, modified PTFE gasketCHENG GONG
D-LONG 6000
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durlon 6000

astm f104: 7120a9b4e22k5m5

Asbestos free compression gasket material


Durlon 6000 for high quality commercial grade medium condition of non asbestos gasket compression plate, the high temperature is 500 degrees Fahrenheit (- 206 degrees C), long-term use temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius), working pressure of 1000 psi (68). The suitable medium for steam, oil, water, weak acid, weak base, hydrocarbon and solvent.


1. economical gaskets greatly reduce the user's production costs

2. anti stickiness reduces seal cleaning time

3. good compressibility and resilience ensure good tightness


Durlon 6000 contains high strength mineral fiber, and the bonding material is nitrile synthetic rubber (NBR). Both sides of the material have film stripping agent, so they have good resistance to adhesion

Note: the experimental results of ASTM performance are all materials based on 1/32 (0.8mm) board except F38. This is a general guide and should not be the only way to choose or exclude such material.

Durlon products are being used in every corner of the industrial world. Our gasket production has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality standard system. It has continuous test control and excellent quality management, which ensures the stability of product quality.